My Boy

All of the photographs I’ve taken in the last 6 months have revolved around my sweet baby boy (surprise, surprise!). Someday I may write a blog post about those early days… before I forget all of the details. The last months have been an absolute whirlwind, and I already feel some memories fading. Yesterday was my first mother’s day, and it still doesn’t feel like I deserve to be a mom. This boy is such a blessing and even the hard days, although they (on occasion) ended with both of us in tears, are precious to me.

A few favorites right now:

  • Watching my husband be a daddy
  • The way Isaac’s eyes sparkle and squeeze shut when he’s laughing
  • The 9 hours of sleep Isaac slept last night! Gave mommy 8 hours in a row-I feel amazing
  • Watching Isaac problem solve


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