4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Graphic Designer

A quick Google search for “business cards” or “advertising flier”, and you find a myriad of DIY options, most being relatively inexpensive, often with a very quick turnaround. So why hire a professional designer?

  1. There is an entire vocabulary filled with words and phrases such as “kerning”, “spot colors”, “hierarchy”, and “ascender”. Knowing what these are, why they are important, and how to use them correctly separates the pros from the DIYers. (If you’re interested, here is a simple, fun list to learn design terms).
  2. Color harmony is not just a myth. Certain colors evoking emotions is not just a myth. Personally, you may love how yellow and red look together, butif you’re selling hardware, you don’t want folks to be thinking about carnival hot dogs. A professional knows how colors make your audience feel and how colors work best together. 
  3. Every project is an investment in your brand, no matter what size your business is. When you have a relationship with a professional designer, they will help produce and protect your brand image. When you choose a DIY design and printing option, it can be difficult to maintain consistent branding with your next project. If you order business cards first, then you’d like to design an advertising flier, it can be much more difficult to maintain consistency.
  4. You are able to support other local businesses. By hiring a professional designer who has relationships with local printers and suppliers, you are able to support local business owners. A DIYer often doesn’t have the correct programs or knowledge to prep files correctly for printing companies, creating room for error and frustration.

Don’t risk missing your target market. Find a professional designer who will align with your goals and propel your business forward.


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